Welcome to Kebab Factory!
Locally made. Globally inspired. Authentic.

About Us

Here at Kebab Factory we believe in authentic flavour made simply. We bring healthy, great tasting, ethnic cuisine to your home.

Kebab Factory is a ready to cook, frozen foods brand whose products are produced locally in Mississauga, Ontario. We produce our products with a non-conventional approach to food manufacturing, where we use fresh ingredients that you might find in your own kitchen, instead of industrial food production chemicals and ingredients. 

Made with Care

Instead of using preservatives and heavy amounts of salt, we use special bags to seal our products of air and then we flash freeze our products at -18 degree Celsius, ensuring a product that tastes just like its fresh when you cook it.

Unlike other frozen food brands, we do not use any additives like sodium phosphates and nitrites to increase shelf life and water content. We think if you can’t pronounce the ingredient on the label, then you probably shouldn’t be eating it. The result of not cutting corners is that you get an authentic tasting product that is nutritious and healthy!